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Universal Thumb Positioning Aid - Allchin Gun Parts


Universal Thumb Positioning Aid

$8.00 $10.00
Universal Thumb Positioning Aid:
- Adaptable to any scope mount
- Helps shooter consistently place the left hand in proper schooting position
- Shot to shot recoil control is enhanced

In the Box:
- Thumb Positioning Aid
- 2 4x40 Screws

This part was developed to help the shooter consistently place the left hand in the same place - draw after draw. In addition, shot to shot recoil control is enhanced.

For non-Allchin mounts:
Using a #43 drill, punch two holes .375" apart on the side of your scope mount and tap with a 4x40 tap. Some material may have to be removed from the thumb aid to put the holes in the correct location. Install with a little Blue Loctite.

No warranty is implied. Installation may void manufacturers warranty. Improper installation may damage part of receiving piece. This thumb positioning aid should be installed by a qualified gunsmith.

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