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John started, like most boys, with a gun in his hand shooting at cans, trees and critters. Others saw his ability to shoot and dragged him to shooting ranges where he shot trap. That sparked the beginning of his competitive shooting. John continued developing his shooting skills and even was a member of his college shooting team where he shot a lot of indoor small bore. While shooting on the Lassen college team, he shot a variety of shooting aspects including metallic silhouettes and DCM Leg Matches.

After college, John was introduced to action pistol shooting and is currently a Grand Master USPSA Shooter, Master IDPA Shooter, 2009 Ruger Rimfire World Champion and 2009 Take-5 World Champion. In every aspect of his shooting, John shoots with a gun outfitted with Allchin Gun Parts equipment.

John couldn't find quality gun parts with the precision he required in his competitive shooting. This motivated him to make custom parts to his precise specifications. He is now sharing those parts with other shooters, such as you, who also value that precision in their competitive and recreational shooting. You will come to enjoy the time and care he's taken to build these parts for your high shooting standards.